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Course descriptions and pricing on this page will update for the Fall 2024 semester on June 1.  Updated course descriptions and prices for fall can be viewed now on the Class Schedule tab by hovering over the triangle at the upper right of each course title.

Click on the button in each subject area to see detailed course descriptions for all listed classes.  The current pricing sheet can be found below.

There are a few notable changes between our fall and spring semesters.


 All classes will continue with new content except:

  • Lego will repeat with new students

  • Pokemon will repeat with new students

  • SEL will switch from high school to middle school

  • Musical Theater will switch from a workshop to play preparation and performance.  Our spring musical is Willy Wonka .

Chess Club will split into two sections. 

  • Gary Weston will coach beginning level students.   They will receive regular instruction and tips to help them improve their game. 

  • Ann Baum will lead intermediate students in tournament style play similar to our current class structure.

IEW Students

Students currently taking any section of IEW should continue in the same section.  Students do not move to a higher level at this time.

Elementary Social Studies Units

All three topics will continue with an additional 5 weeks of new content for spring.   Each unit is a total of 9 weeks broken between the two semesters.  

English Language Arts

  • ELA TK/K 

  • ELA 1st or 2nd

  • Literature/Sci TK/K

  • IEW A, A2, B, B2, C

  • Engaging English 3rd-5th

  • Reading Comp 3rd-6th

yearbook 073.JPG


  • Science/Lit TK/K

  • Zoology Lab 1st-3rd & 3rd-5th

  • Lego SPIKE 1st-3rd & 3rd-5th

  • Unit Studies 3rd-5th

    • Matter Matters​

    • Speedometry

    • Crime Lab

  • Picking up STEAM

  • Middle School Science

  • A-G Biology Lab

  • A-G Chemistry Lab

winter2016 466.JPG
yearbook 010_edited.png


  • Math Lab 1st-3rd/3rd-5th

  • Basic Math 5th-8th

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra 1

  • Geometry

DSC_6037 (Large)_edited.jpg

Social Studies

  • Mock Election 3rd-5th

  • Debate 6th+​

  • Sociology of Emotion 

  • Growth Mindset 3rd-5th

Art & Music

  • Art TK/K, 1st, 2nd/3rd

  • Elementary Art 3rd-5th

  • Intermediate Art 6th+

  • Art Lab: Zentangle

  • Ceramics 3rd+

  • Crochet 3rd+

  • Music TK/K, 1st, 2nd/3rd 

  • Elementary Music 3rd-5th

  • Choir 6th-12th

  • Musical Theater Workshop

  • Private Music Lessons: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, All Brass


PE & Electives

  • Foreign Language

    • Span 1st-3rd/3rd-5th

    • Spanish 1

    • ASL 1

  • Chess 3rd+​

  • Sewing

  • Personal Finance 6th-8th

  • Photography 7th+

  • Physical Education

  • Private Tutoring

  • Coding 

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