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Art TK-2nd
Instructor: Christine McDonough
$53/month ($212/semester)

In elementary art, half of the fun and learning is in trying new things, using new materials and finding new and innovative ways to use materials.  We will be exploring the standard pencils, makers and paint, but will also branch out into clay, paper mache, and many more exciting, tactile things.  The children will get messy - please plan accordingly!

Elementary Art 3rd-5th
Instructors: Summer Jessee
$53/month ($212/semester); 50 minutes/week

Art is all around us. The awareness of art in our daily lives will lead us on a journey of discovery this year! We will learn about the elements of art in a creative play environment, allowing students the freedom to experience art in a fun and positive manner.

Intermediate Art 6th+
Instructor: Summer Jessee
$53/month ($212/semester); 50 minutes/week

Intermediate Art focuses on further mastery of the individual "building blocks" used to create works of art--the elements of art and principles of design.

Fun exercises and art projects will help illustrate these concepts so students understand what these "building blocks" are, and how to use them in their art. Learning the foundations of art is made fun by exploring a variety of art supplies in different techniques.

Knowing the "Language of Art" will help students communicate the meaning of their art and understand and talk about the art they see.
The Elements of Art are the "tools" that artists use to create artwork: Line, Shape, Form, Value, Color, Space, and Texture.

The Principles of Design are ways artists use the Elements of Art in a piece of art: Balance, Contrast, Repetition, Emphasis, and Unity.
Intermediate Art may explore:
Drawing with graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, markers, and pastels
Painting with acrylics and watercolors
Collage and sculpture
Color mixing, shading, textures, and more.
Art history and famous artists
Art vocabulary
Structured lessons offer individual choices to allow personal expression so each student's art is unique. Students enjoy seeing how their classmates solve problems and sharing their techniques.
Students keep a sketchbook for class notes and vocabulary, drawings, and smaller assignments.

Intermediate Art gives students the tools, skills and confidence to move on to more challenging art projects.

Art Lab: Zentangle
Instructor: Ann Baum
$53/month ($212/semester); 50 minutes/week

Art Lab: Learn to draw with Mrs. Baum, Certified Zentangle Teacher.

This is a multi-age class open to students in 3rd to 12th grades.  

Zentangle is a drawing method that encourages carefree creativity. Simple patterns are used to create intricate artworks that are amazingly beautiful.

Zentangle kits will be provided for each student to keep and enjoy.

Art Lab: Color Theory
Instructor: Summer Jessee
$53/month; $212/semester

Understanding color theory is a great life skill as it comes up in very practical areas like choosing a paint color for your home or creating spaces in a business environment.

Color theory is a concept used to create certain feelings, moods, and reactions.  This course will explore the color wheel, along with hues, tints, tones, and shades.  

Students will discover how warm and cool colors advance and recede to create a sense of space.  They will experiment with how color affects mood and can express emotion.  The class would be a series of exercises to practice these concepts with a project at the end of each semester.

From Flat to Fantastic: The Art of Shading and Drawing
Instructor: Tami Oakes
$53/month; $212/semester

Ever wished your drawings could pop off the page? This class is your chance to master the art of drawing and shading!

We'll start with the basics, learning how simple shapes and lines can create amazing art. Then, you'll unlock the secrets of shading, going from flat drawings to creating depth and dimension.  From still life objects to stunning landscapes and even portraits, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve!

Ceramics 3rd+/6th+

Instructor: Christine Ault
$61/month ($244/semester); 50 minutes/week

Ceramics is the art of creating with clay. Clay has been used for centuries to make everything from dishes to statues and tiny components of computers. This class allows the student to function at their own pace and skill level. The class provides opportunities for students to sculpt and paint handmade pieces, as well as paint premade items. Popular projects include mugs, name plaques, plates, coil pots, and animal sculptures to name a few. Students are given the basic parameters and then allowed the creativity to complete the project in their own way. Students will have access to ceramics tools such as carving sets, scrapers, wires, and more. Class tuition covers all clay, tools, paints, and kiln firing.

Instructor: Christine Ault
$53/month; $212/semester


In this class, students will progress through single crochet, double, half double, triple, and slip stitch. When these have been mastered, students will move to projects such as hair ties, washcloths, granny squares, and circles using a variety of stitches.  Ambitious students can move up to learning to read patterns and can use the skills learned in class to create even larger projects at home.


Necessary supplies such as crochet hooks and yarn will be provided.

Musical Theater 3rd-12th
Director: Karla Wells
$56/month ($224/semester);
80 minutes/week  

This course will teach the fundamentals of musical theater allowing students to take their musical theater performance and audition skills to the next level!

Students will receive theater coaching, training, and an understanding of production that we are not able to offer due to time constraints when preparing for a performance.   

We will be teaching music and choreography within the context of Seussical which will be performed in the Spring Semester.  

Students enrolled in the fall workshop will have priority enrollment for the spring musical theater production.

Through Our Theater Workshop Students Will:

  Develop Self-awareness
  Become More Confident
  Find Their Unique Creative Style
  Have Fun with Improv and
  Theater Games

Early Elem Musical Theater
Instructor: Karla Wells
$46/month; $184/semester

One-of-a-kind musical theatre class for 1st-3rd graders combines theatre games, improv, singing, acting and choreography to give students an age-appropriate, fun musical theater experience. Promotes confidence, discipline, team work, and exposes children to the joys of the stage!  Students will prepare and perform a short musical production each semester.  

Music TK/K, 1, 2(3)
Instructor: Mariya Salas
$46/month ($184/semester); 50 minutes/week 

This class will explore several aspects of music through units studying singing, musical notation, rhythm, and introduction to musical instruments.  Children will grow in appreciation of music, perform music and lay a foundation for understanding basic music theory.  We will sing, dance, play instruments, make instruments and have a lot of fun. 

Music 3rd-5th
Instructor: Sara Lofrano
$46/month ($184/semester); 50 minutes/week

This music course will introduce various musical concepts such as rhythm, harmony, and melody through listening, singing, and playing multiple instruments. This class will also dive into instrumental and singing techniques plus fundamental music theory. Students will be able to describe music, create their own melodies, sing and play various selections, and have a new admiration for music at the and of the semester. 

Choir 6th-12th
Instructor: Sara Lofrano
$46/month ($184/semester); 50 minutes/week

In choir, students will explore, study, and perform a wide variety of music. The materials cover some traditional choral pieces but will focus mainly on modern contemporary music. Participating in this choir will broaden students knowledge of vocal technique, ear training, sight reading and will increase appreciation for all varieties of music. Each semester will conclude with a fun performance for friends and family. 
Private or Semi-Private Music Lessons: Voice Lessons; Piano; Guitar; Ukulele; Brass: Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium, French Horn
Multiple Instructors
Private $90/month; $360/semester
Semi-Private $65/month; $260/semester

Private 30 minute lessons available several hours of the day.  See schedule for times.

Voice/Piano Lessons: Sessions at 9; 9:30; 10; 10:30; 11; 11:30; 12 at Cornerstone with Sara Lofrano

Guitar/Ukulele/Piano/All Brass: Music Lessons 1-10 (9 AM to 1:30 PM) at The Crossing with Gino Videche

Piano Lessons: Sessions from 12-3 with Leah Harder

Lessons are private unless a family has siblings or two families want to partner for semi-private.

With the exception of piano lessons, students will need to provide their own instrument.

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