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Use the Family Login link below to enroll in classes.

Fall enrollment will open July 15 at 10 AM. 
Fall 2024 Sept 10 to Dec 10 

Spring 2025  Jan 14 to May 5


Here are a few things to keep in mind when navigating our on-line enrollment system. 


Students can be added at any time as long as there is room in a class.


Select the current semester and grade level from the drop down lists and then click 'Search' to see classes available.

Students may enroll in classes one grade level above or below their current grade but acceptance will be subject to instructor approval.

You do need to complete the checkout process or it will not record your selections. Once complete, you will receive an automated email message so you will know that it worked.


At checkout, you will see a check box for "Pay Later" on the line next to each class in your cart.

If you are on a mobile device, the "Pay Later" box may be off-screen so you'll need to scroll to the right.


Select "Pay Later" on each line and wait for your cart balance to go to zero if you do not intend to pay with your credit card.  Charter families should always use the "pay later" option.


Please do not enter credit card information unless you plan to use your card.

There is no need to pay at the time of enrollment.  There is no registration fee. 


Payment should be arranged before classes start.

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