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Grant Discount

We received a grant from the VELA Education Fund specifically to help private homeschool families who do not have access to charter funds. 

While grant funds last, we are offering a 20% discount for all students not enrolled in a charter program.

Families who would like to take advantage of deeper discounts of up to 50% off, can exchange 3 volunteer hours for every additional $100 of discount desired.  

At NHA, our mission has always been to include both private and charter homeschoolers, but we realize that too often, private homeschoolers are priced out.  We applied for this grant with private homeschoolers in mind. 

In recent years, changes in legislation have made charters a good fit for fewer families. We know many of our existing families are making the difficult decision to leave the security of the charters. We don't want to lose a single student over money.  This grant is for returning students as well as new students.

In addition, we have done our best to keep our rates low for all homeschoolers.  Inflation has weakened the buying power of charter funds as well, so NHA has not raised our tuition prices since 2019 despite increased rent and supply costs.

Together, we want to build a new model that is less dependent on charter funds and more like a hybrid co-op where families help us cut costs by shouldering some of the workload.  

We started as a co-op of parents working together to provide opportunities for our children.  With the success of the program, over time those parents became employees and our students became paying clients.  With the future of homeschool charters uncertain, it is time to create a new blended model that utilizes both volunteer and paid staff and serves a better balance of private and charter students.  The VELA Education fund supports this vision and has generously provided $60,000 to help us get started. 

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