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Mock Election 3rd-5th
Instructor: Nikki Williams
$46/month ($184/semester)

This course will take place in the fall semester only.

Students will journey through the election process including researching and nominating candidates, formulating a party platform, performing in a primary season mock debate, coming up with campaign ideas and slogans, learning about the primary and caucus methods, discovering the purpose of party conventions, and moving through the general election cycle including a lesson on the electoral college, voting in the election, and the inauguration of the winner. There will be no Republicans or Democrats in this election as our political candidates will be Marvel vs DC Comics' characters. This class completely avoids current national party politics while involving students in the election process in avery engaging and exciting way.

Mock Trial 3rd-5th

Instructor: Nikki Williams
$46/month ($184/semester)

This one-semester class will repeat in the spring semester for new students.

Mock Trials take students to the heart of the justice system. Students acquire critical-thinking skills and an in-depth understanding of our judicial process as they study a hypothetical case, conduct legal research, and role-play the trial.

Each Mock Trial study includes a hypothetical case, witness statements, legal authorities, trial instructions, and procedural guidelines.

Elementary student trials often bring familiar stories into the courtroom as we prosecute such villains as the Big Bad Wolf for his alleged mistreatment of the three little pigs or Goldilocks for allegedly breaking and entering and vandalizing the home of the three bears.  

Instructor: Jennifer Wright
$46/month; $184/semester;

We will focus on how to use communication effectively in presentations and debates.  We will cover the basic communication model, what makes a speaker persuasive, and how to effectively communicate during a speech or debate.

We will be studying logical fallacies and reviewing articles, speeches etc. looking for fallacies.  We will prepare and deliver persuasive speeches and engage in researched debate as well as pop-up debates on current topics.

Ecopolis: Simulated Economy
Instructor: Jennifer Wright
$46/month; $184/semester;

This is a one-semester course and will be replaced with a new topic in the spring.

Ecopolis is an economics/government course where each student plays a part in a simulated town.  Students get a chance to have jobs, make speeches, elect officials, pay taxes, compete in business and more.  Students run their own simulated government to learn about issues including scarcity, resource allocation, needs vs. wants, opportunity costs, entrepreneurship, and global interdependence.

This is a hands-on student-directed course with the teacher playing the role of a facilitator rather than lecturer.  

Business: Entrepreneurship 8th+
$53/month; $212/semester;

Includes on-line subscription to access all course content.

This is a two-semester class from Ramsey Education.  It is aligned with  National Standards for Business Education (NBEA) standards.

Students will need to be able to access the internet from home to complete homework for this class.

Foundations in Entrepreneurship is divided into four distinct modules hosted by Ken Coleman. Each module contains multiple lessons supported with video instruction by Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze and Christy Wright.

Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduces the topic of entrepreneurship, explores traits of entrepreneurs and leaders, examines examples of entrepreneurs, and provides guidelines for effective communication and dealing with conflict.

Module 2: Economics and Finances

Explores economic concepts including economic systems, capitalism, and the relationship between cost and profit. The module will also explore financial topics such as operating expenses, retained earnings, taxes, a P&L statement, resource management, and charitable giving.

Module 3: Marketing

Explains the differences between products and services as well as identifies the marketplace need for a product or service. The module also covers marketing, branding, social media, and selling.

Module 4: Business Management

Explains what a business plan is and how to write one, how to write strong goals, what to consider related to business growth, things to consider related to hiring staff, how to use technology in business, and the importance of generosity.

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