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Social Studies Unit Studies 10 AM 3rd-5th
U.S. States
U.S. Presidents
California History

$50/month ($200/semester); 50 minutes/week

In this single course, students will rotate through three 5-week units which offer hands-on exploration of different areas of study.  These three units will have all new content in the second semester.  

U.S. State Studies
Instructor: Summer Jessee

In this class we will tour all 50 states in 9 weeks (4 weeks fall; 5 weeks spring).  Each week we will cover the USA one region at a time. This class will give an overview of the states through worksheets, games, videos, and discussion.  Students will learn U.S. geography as they race to assemble floor puzzles of each region and eventually the whole country.  The class can be used as an introductory class or a support class to your home studies of US Geography/History.

U.S. Presidents
Instructor: Julianne Welch

In this nine week survey of the U.S. Presidents (4 weeks fall/5 weeks spring), we will cover four to six presidents each week while highlighting information about their lives, terms, and political accomplishments.

There will be worksheets and activities to help the students retain the information and we will utilize games, projects, experiments, role plays, and stories to engage with the material in a fun and memorable way.

There will be an emphasis on collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork throughout the duration of this class.

Students will have optional weekly homework. Students must have access to a Gmail account in order to access all class materials, resources, assignments, announcements, etc. from the Google classroom.

California History
Instructor: Nicole Williams

This survey of California will cover our history, geography, and government with a series of lessons and activities to make learning memorable and fun.

Mock Trial 6th+
Instructor: Jennifer Wright
$43/month; $172/semester;

Mock Trials take students to the heart of the justice system. During this 2 semester class, students acquire critical-thinking skills and an in-depth understanding of our judicial process as they study a hypothetical case, conduct legal research, and role play the trial. Each Mock Trial study includes a hypothetical case, witness statements, legal authorities, trial instructions, and procedural guidelines. It also includes a pretrial motion, designed to deepen student understanding of constitutional issues related to criminal trials.  We will be running 2 trials. During the second semester we will put Joan of Arc on trial.  The students will get to plead their cases and the jury will decide her fate.

Fundamentals of SEL (Social Emotional Learning)
(Alternate title: Sociology of Emotions)
Instructor: Jennifer Wright
$50/month; $200/semester
50 min/week + homework
Spring: Middle School 6th-9th

SEL (social-emotional learning) is an intentional way to help students identify strategies to navigate mental health issues such as depression and anxiety as well as other emotional challenges in a healthy way.

SEL focuses on 5 core competencies and breaks each down into practical steps students can take to improve:
Responsible Decision Making
Social Awareness
Relationship Skills

This class would be a combination of instruction and discussion spring-boarding from popular movies and other activities. Students  will learn the basics of the 5 core competencies and then seek to identify the various aspects in age-appropriate movies and examples from real life. The class will include a discussion on how people implement or fail to implement the strategies/concepts of SEL and the positive and negative consequences.

This one semester class is for middle school students in grades 6th-9th.

Growth Mindset (SEL) 3rd-6th
Instructor: Nicole Williams
$50/month ($200/semester)

Students who embrace growth mindsets tend to learn and achieve more, do it more quickly, and view challenges and failures as opportunities to improve their learning and skills.

In this course we will work together to complete exercises which contribute to a growth mindset aimed at building confidence and resilience. The research-based program will help your child develop the mental strength they need to overcome life's challenges.

Objectives include:
Developing a growth mindset and positive outlook

Building self-esteem and resilience

Unlocking their inner strength and problem-solving abilities

Learning to avoid the fear failure and courageously approach new challenges

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