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October is Spirit Month

Theme days each week. Participation is optional.

October 3: Go vintage.  Pick a decade and dress the part for Decades Day.

October 10: A day to do what homeschoolers do better than anyone - have school in their pajamas!  Pajamas should be modest and appropriate for school.

October 18: Crazy Hat or Crazy Hair day - you choose.

October 24: If you participate in a sport, wear your team jersey.  If you have a favorite national team, wear your team colors or fan gear.  If you participate in clubs (4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Awana, etc.) wear your uniform. 

October 31: Students can dress up as their favorite character or wear their favorite costume.  All outfits should have themes that are age-appropriate for our youngest students, age 4, and should be functional enough that they do not inhibit the ability to participate fully in class. 

More info to follow.   Please check back.

We will have photographers taking school pictures at The Crossing on November 14.

Free IDs

Parents can be photographed for a teacher ID.

All Teacher/Student/Parent IDs will be printed at the time of the photoshoot. 11 seconds to print and you will walk out with your IDs. No more waiting for weeks and weeks.

Purchase Optional

All picture packages purchased on picture day will be shipped to your home for FREE. No more returning to pick them up at NHA. Pictures should be back in time for the holidays.

Photo packages purchased after picture day will be shipped to your address but you will need to pay shipping.

As always, all homeschool families are welcome to participate in picture day. You don't need to be enrolled in classes at NHA to get IDs or pictures.

Crossing Coffee

The Crossing coffee bar will be open each Tuesday from 11 - 1.  They have a full menu of hot, cold, and blended drinks as well as select snacks.

First Day Information
Needed Forms

One per family:

One per family:

One per teen:

Campus Floor Plans and Classroom Location

Some of the Door Prizes for Orientation

Some of the Games for
Teen Club

The Lego sets & Tablets are here!

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