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Spanish 1st-3rd; 3rd-5th
Instructor: Karina Bedwell
$43/month ($172/semester); 50 minutes/week

This class will be appropriate for new and returning Spanish students. It will consist of learning basic conversation while having some exposure to Mexican culture through music, recipes, art, and children's literature. Students will learn daily vocabulary, such as objects, colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, the calendar, weather, greetings, and their personal information. The class will incorporate  games and activities using math, science, reading and writing.

Spanish 1 6th-12th
Instructor: Karina Bedwell
$43/month ($172/semester); 50 minutes/week

This is a high school level Spanish 1 course.  Spanish 1 will provide the student with a general introduction to the Spanish language: sound system, pronunciation, functional vocabulary related to everyday life, cultural information and basic grammatical structures. Emphasis will be on the acquisition of four skills: listening, speaking, reading and limited writing. There are two main objectives to the course. Foremost is to give the students the ability to carry on a simple conversation. The second is to provide the students with instruction that teaches a basic understanding of Spanish culture, vocabulary, and grammatical concepts.

ASL 1: Intro to ASL 6th-12th
Instructor: Miss Emily
$43/month ($172/semester)

This immersion course is an overview of American Sign Language (ASL), its basic vocabulary, structure, and grammar. Students will focus on learning the basics of fingerspelling, numbers, vocabulary and sentence structure through in-class interactions and homework assignments. Introductory information about Deaf culture will also be presented, along with Deaf history to provide students with a broad picture of language and culture.  This is a high school level course.  Check with your school to see if this course meets the Foreign Language/VAPA credit requirement for graduation.  Some schools may grant elective credit instead.



Chess Class 3rd+
Beginner Level

Instructor: Gary Weston

Intermediate Level

Instructor: Ann Baum
$43/month ($172/semester); 50 minutes/week


Open to students in 3rd to 12th grade who are interested in learning to play chess or have any level of experience.  

Beginning Chess will include instruction and tips as well as game play.  


Intermediate class will focus on tournament style play similar to our current club structure.


The goal of chess class will be to offer an environment to learn or improve chess playing skills. In addition, it is hoped that players will be open to learning the history of the game, while appreciating the significance of chess worldwide not only as a game, but a social, competitive, educational, and artistic phenomenon that has endured for centuries.

Emergency Response/First Aid
Instructor: Alyssa M.
$50/month; $200/semester;

This course will give teens a variety of practical life skills related to preparedness.

Students will become certified in both CPR and First Aid.  

Topics will include:
       Musculoskeletal injuries
       Bleeding control (bandaging)
       General Illness
       Heart Attacks
       Diabetic Emergencies
       Anaphylaxis and epi pen
       Cold/heat emergencies
       Basic patient assessment

Additional units may include:
Home emergency response
Community emergency response
Cyber safety
Roadside safety
Animal control
Hazardous Materials

Fashion Design/Sewing
Instructor: Brenda Holts
$95/month ($380/semester);
80 minutes/week in-person plus unlimited access to virtual sewing instruction ($3000 value)

Intro to Fashion Design and Virtual Sewing Lessons

The goal of this class is to introduce the students to the patternmaking and sewing skills needed for fashion designing. Students will be doing patternmaking in class and sewing online at home. The student will have access to all 6 sewing courses in the Sew Amazing series from Beginning to Advanced classes for the full semester ($3000 value). I will address in class any issues they may have not understood in the videos. Watching the videos is a must especially if the student has no sewing experience. The end result will be a garment created and sewn of your original idea.

What you will get out of this class

1.    An understanding of the fashion industry
2.    How to get your creative thoughts on paper through sketching your ideas
3.    Introduction into patternmaking by creating a basic block
4.    Working through various patternmaking techniques using a ½ scale pattern to help you execute your ideas
5.    Creating a pattern from your basic block from your creative idea/sketch
6.    Construction of your creative garment idea to completion.
7.    Possible end of the year Fashion show


1.    An eagerness to learn this industry
2.    Patternmaking/sewing supplies
3.    Doing all homework assignments and watching the sewing videos
4.    A working sewing machine
5.    Ability to work within a group

Foundations of Personal Finance
Dave Ramsey Education
High School
Instructor: Jennifer Wright
$53/month( $212/Semester);
55 minutes;

(Includes all licenses, workbooks, and an on-line subscription to the course for each student.  Students will need internet access to complete homework.)

Personal Finance is a course designed to help students understand the impact of individual choices.

Topics covered will include:
Introduces the topic of personal finance, explores the evolution of the American credit industry, and highlights the importance of both knowledge and behavior when it comes to managing money.

Saving: Emphasizes the importance of saving and explains the three reasons to save: emergencies, large purchases, and wealth building.

Budgeting: Explores the purpose and process of writing a budget and the basics of banking, including balancing and reconciling a checking account.

Debt: Identifies the devastating costs of using debt as a financial tool, debunks credit myths, explains the elements of a credit score, identifies organizations that maintain consumer credit records, and summarizes major consumer credit laws.

Life after High School: Explores 21st Century post-secondary education and career options, highlights the importance of avoiding debt as a young adult, and explains how to cash flow a college education.

Consumer Awareness: Identifies factors that influence consumer behavior and the effect of inflation on buying power

Bargain Shopping: Highlights the importance of bargain shopping as part of a healthy financial plan and identifies important negotiation strategies.

Investing and Retirement: Establishes basic investing guidelines, describes and compares various types of investments, and identifies elements of employer benefits and retirement plans.

Insurance: Identifies the purpose of financial risk management as well as the appropriate and most cost-effective risk management strategies.

Money and Relationships: Identifies the differences among people's values and attitudes as they relate to money and highlights communication strategies for discussing financial issues.

Careers and Taxes: Examines the importance of pursuing a career in line with your strengths, the elements of effective goal setting, the best practices of successful people, and types of income and taxes.

Giving: Highlights the importance of giving of your time, talents, and money in order to serve others and leave a lasting legacy.

Meets or exceeds standards in all 50 states.  California Common Core Standards alignment can be found here:
Photography 7th+
Instructor: Tami Oakes
$50/month ($200/semester);
50 minutes/week

This Photography class will help students learn the basics of preparing for and executing a photoshoot in a studio setting through bi-weekly planning sessions and in-class photoshoots. We will spend time discussing Composition, Shot Types and Angles, Critiquing, and experimenting with Camera Basics, Lighting.

Students will have homework to complete during the week, and we will often review photographs in class while learning how to give constructive feedback. 

Students are REQUIRED to have a Gmail for this class, as we will use Google Drive to submit homework, complete lessons, and review photos.

Students are also HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to have a Canon or Nikon DSLR to be able to participate in homework assignments and in-class projects.



Physical Education K-2nd; 3rd-8th; 7th-12th 
Instructor: Stefanie Alderman
$43/month ($172/semester); 50 minutes/week

Based on the principles of mechanics, consistency and then intensity, our P.E. program emphasizes good movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for kids. Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function which means consistent participation can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement.

Industry professional from the IronMile gym will instruct this class which will translate into BIG fun for all ages. Students will learn an active alternative to sedentary pursuits which means less childhood obesity and all-around better health. Further, the needs of second graders and high-school varsity wrestlers differ by degree but not kind; the program is scalable for any age or experience level and accounts for the varied maturation status one can find in a class full of kids. This program is designed to be minimalist.  It requires little or no equipment allowing a wide array of socioeconomic groups an opportunity to be physically fit and physically active throughout their lives.



Private Tutoring Sessions
Instructor: Audrey Melendez
$110/month ($440/semester); 50 minutes/week

We have 50 minutes sessions with a private tutor available throughout the day for students who need one on one instruction.  Audrey Melendez homeschooled her own children through high school. She has tutored students at all grade levels in many subject areas. If you are interested in tutoring for your high school student in a specific subject, please check first to make sure it is an area she teaches.

Sessions are available at The Crossing on Tuesdays.  Additional times are available throughout the week both virtually and in-person.    

Private Tutoring Sessions, any grade/subject
Instructor: Julianne Welch
$110/month ($440/semester); 60 minutes/week

We have 60 minute sessions with a private tutor available throughout the week for students who need one on one instruction.  Julianne Welch teaches NHA classes and has been a teacher for seven years and graduated in May 2023 with her master’s degree in early childhood education: curriculum and instruction through ASU. She has tutored students at all grade levels in many subject areas. If you are interested in tutoring your student in a specific subject, please reach out. Students must have access to a Gmail account in order to access all tutoring materials, resources, assignments, announcements, etc. from the Google classroom. Sessions are available at The Crossing on Tuesdays from 11am to 12pm. Additional times are available throughout the week virtually through Google Meet.


NHA has outsourced coding to David Keller of Mr. Code's Wild Ride.   Coding classes will no longer be in our registration system.  Students should register directly with this vendor.  

Dates for spring classes: Classes start 1/22 and conclude 5/13.  No class on 3/25.

To enroll, please email Mr. Keller at this address:

Payment and vouchers or POs should be arranged with him. 

Phone number and website for more info:

(916) 668-4887


Building Apps & Games 5th+
Instructor: David Keller
Monday Virtual Class
55 minutes/class

Learn how to build web apps and games using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This class is very hands-on where students build complete projects from day one. The curriculum is self-paced with individual instructor help, and the class can be taken multiple times to advance further. For virtual classes, the student will need their own computer.

Block Coding 2nd-4th
Instructor: David Keller
Monday Virtual Class
55 minutes/class

Learn coding fundamentals through block-based challenges. Challenges include directing a character through a maze, drawing various shapes, making animations, making music, etc.

Python Coding 5th+
Instructor: David Keller
Monday Virtual Class
55 minutes/class

Learn coding fundamentals using Python, one of the most popular programming languages. This class is very hands-on where students build complete projects from day one. The curriculum is self-paced with individual instructor help, and the class can be taken multiple times to advance further. ​

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